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Bodyline Petticoats? (1 or 2 questions)

Hello, this is my first post on the EGL community so please bear with me ^^. (I also don't know how to use LJ cuts so I hope it works)
I've searched the community but I cannot find exactly what my question is about, so I hope this is allowed... (Also, English is not my mother language, so excuse any mistakes.)

So I've generally read that most Bodyline petticoats aren't all that, that the poof dies rather quickly, etc.
I've tried a Bodyline petticoat on (in real life) once and it was made out of tulle. I highly dislike tulle and I would rather have a petticoat made from a more soft, leg friendly, kind of material. Such as Organza. Which I like because I've heard it keeps the poof longer.

I've seen different kinds of bodyline petticoats. And the following models look quite "softer" than tulle to me.

Since the material/content box only says "Polyester others" (aka: not cotton like organza) I have no clue what it is made of.
Could anyone tell me what it is made of? It doesn't look like tulle to me.
And does anyone own this or could you tell me how the poof of these petticoats are and how they generally feel?

Thank you very much in advance ♥.
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