momosugarhime (momoco) wrote in egl,

Angelic Pretty fest

(AP question was answered, thanks: there IS a memorial cake headbow >D)

I don't own any AP at the moment at all, but am in love with super OTT outfits. Since PMX just happened and I also wasn't there (WHERE IS THE ANGELIC PRETTY IN MY LIFEEE), let's have an angelic pretty photo sharing >D whether it's outfits, AP photos, macros, or anything AP that you love ... >D so what if they all look like clones, just means if I like one, I MIGHT DAMN WELL LIKE THEM ALL~

: >

to kick things off, I figure I might as well post some of the AP army xD

(taken from Takulu's blog

Tags: *angelic pretty, community: misc
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