Shin (shincaru) wrote in egl,

EDITEDIT: Awesome, another Chinese redistrubutor failure

Has anyone heard heads or tails from yikyu1991716 in regards to the late October release of the socks? Or got their items at all?

I placed a prepayment with her on Oct 6, with understanding that my items would be parcelled together (I got one sock from an early run, and another pair from the mid-Oct run). However she has a habit of dropping the fuck out of sight and now simply does not responds to my questions at all.

She replied on the 26th claimed my items were to be shipped 'at the end of the week' (around Halloween time) and then did NOT respond for my request for further shipping information updates when it is processed (Oct 27). I waited for an e-mail or a parcel, and she did not update me further. I e-mailed her again on Nov 7. She posted to the comm_sales on Nov 9 or so, and ignored my (polite) comment requesting she answer my damn e-mail, and it seems I wasn't the only one wondering what in hell she's doing.

I might be being impatient since it does take around 2 weeks to ship from China to Canada (if her story that they were shipped at the end of October is true), but her extremely poor communication and the fact that I'm right on the nose to PayPal's 45 day dispute time limit is really pissing me off. I'm basically going to file a claim in a couple hours to at least save my money if the responses so far are in the negative. >:/

Any help/advice/information?

EDIT: Nice reply Yikyu:

I repsonse ur email

If item not arrive in the next 7days

I will resend it (and u just pay $2 for tracking, no extar shipping cost)

By making this offer, please close the claim.

if u have other quesiont, feel free to ask^^


IDK I feel it's really inappropriate for her to ask me to pay her AGAIN, and I told her as much. Even if it is $2, I am not giving her precedent to charge ME for HER flakiness.

Basically told her I'm not dropping the dispute until the socks arrive (without me paying again) or I get a refund. Sometimes being an obstinate person protects you the best. :/

EDIT 2: She's shown up in the comments too, I see. I've gotten a refund, and I basically wash my hands of this. Mind this as a warning to the rest of you ordering from Yikyu. :/
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