pinkeverlasting (pinkeverlasting) wrote in egl,

Series of Strange Events = Lost Item = Help?

This is the first time I have an item that hasn't/doesn't seem to be coming .___.
I know that things do get lost in the mail but because I found the process kind of un-normal is why I'm questioning if it's really lost in the mail.


Key Points:

-Brought from a Mass Pre-Order around late Sept
-Item isn't coming till Mid Oct
-Paid; Address on Paypal was missing Suite #; Emailed Seller
about the Suite #, She replied and took notice

-Mid Oct came; an email came saying "If you brought items __, or __, or__, it's going to be shipped on Firday. When shipped, there will be another email" on Oct 18.
-8 days later, I replied asking if the items were shipped since I got no email and I wanted to see if it's possible to get them by Halloween.

-She replied saying they were shipped, and asked me if I gotten an email and a Paypal update. I didn't so she said she'll update later...
-I got the Paypal Shipping Update, there was a Shipper, no tracking number and it's status say "Shipped".

-I brought things from the US from and it normally takes me 5-10 days to Canada.
-I asked her about the socks again in Nov since I didn't get them and she said Canada Post could be slow.

-Nov 9th, I asked her that they seems to not be coming and what should I do..
-Nov 12th, No reply still.

I'm pretty worried about the item since communication and everything didn't seem right. I was wondering about the Paypal Shipping Notice. How does it work and how does paypal know if the person did ship the item without a tracking number...etc. o.o

The Seller is a seller I brought from her before, I'm not saying she's scamming nor I believed she did, but I'm just getting the feeling that the item could have been forgotten since it was a Mass Pre Order and beside it wasn't a expensive item really, or...maybe it's really lost due to Canada's *awesome* Postal Services.

I'm not sure what to do o.o I was hoping at least someone would pretend to do something about it and just tell me, "I'm sorry, It's just lost" at the least.

Help? ._____.

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