Nymia_san (nymia_san) wrote in egl,

about prints...


Well i've been looking arround in the community and found a pot simmilar to what i'm posting right now so i diceded to give it a shot... Well i'm taking a multimidia desing course and in the hollydays i was playing arround with illustrator and decided to design a print...i really liked how it turned out but i dont have any money to invest to actually put it on some fabric and i'm a total and complete fail as streamess so i just left it sitting on my computer ever since. It fits into cassic/gothic styles and, in my opinion, it is quite elegant...

So i'm posting just to know what you think about my print design and to see if there is any streamess willing to colaborate with me or something alike...the print still needs some fixing to make it work as a print but as a design it is preety much finished...i can paint it or line it in whatever colour you want and so on :D

so here's a jpg of how it is now:

and how it would look painted on a jsk:

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