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WTF bodyline! - Short Review

I ordered 2 pairs of shoes since Bodyline is sometimes friendly towards larger footed lolitas. I've ordered from them before, and the shoes always came in boxes.
But this time....

The shoes were literally wrapped by one sheet of tissue paper a shoe! VERY LUCKY that they didn't get damaged.
My question is, what the hell Bodyline? Why are you skimping on boxes? I received the black flats before from Bodyline in a box (I got three boxes that order because I ordered 3 pairs!) So why now just tissue paper?

At least they came with internal support (the plastic support and rolled up tissue in the toe).

These are the two pairs I received-

Bodyline site:
Left pair: http://www.bodyline.co.jp/bodyline/showProduct.asp?id=1812&pageNumber=1&pageStop=stop_16&noSubType=Y
Right pair: http://www.bodyline.co.jp/bodyline/showProduct.asp?id=3515&pageNumber=1&pageStop=stop_1&noSubType=Y

I got the black shoes in matte and size 270. This is the second pair I own and are darn comfortable, but don't seem to be able withstand a lot of walking (and I mean A LOT of use)- the pleather on my other pair of shoes is already separating from the sole. I jumped to get these so that a) I could own another pair when they had sold out... (they are quickly selling out) and b) so that I got the free shipping.

The right pair is a newer pair. It does not come in 270- highest it comes in is 260. I decided to take the plunge and risk getting them to try out. They *just* fit. I'm hoping that with wear they stretch ever so slightly, because I literally need just a tenth of a cm to fit them comfortably.

They are difficult to put on. The laces are made of leather so they don't slide very well and twist easily. It takes a lot of adjustment, not like the black ones where you have both a buckle and a snap (if you are in a hurry, just snap the strap off!). Other than that, they are very much like the other bodyline heels in terms of comfort.

I tried them on without socks on. Here's a pic of how they look.

Yeah...not a fan of my legs. BUT a fan of the shoes. They do look very cute. But see how the straps twisted? Just need to be careful of that when wearing.

Overall- new shoes are pretty nice. Difficult to put on, but otherwise look great. Construction is very nice.
The old Bodyline BtsB replica flats are still comfortable as always (be sure to grab some before they sell out!)

Choices? The flats are available still in pink, white, black and red- matte or shiny! The size range was very nice for these shoes.
The new heel shoes- brown, pink, red, sax, white and black. However- why stop at 260? There are quite a few shoes that go only to 250 or 260.

Shipping- Bodyline! BOXES for shoes that we pay for! I lucked out, but others may not.

So is there anyway to convince bodyilne to

1) Start using boxes again for the shoes?

2) Start offering larger sizes for some styles?

Share your thoughts.
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