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Jackie M

Epos visa...bodyline new crap..

 LOL ok for those of you whom haven't figured out that i have way to much time on my hands at work, your about to.

I haven't been on imai kira's site for awhile.. so i decided i'd check it out..and...

thats right, for those who haven't seen the update from the beginning of october.. you can have a beautiful visa card designed by imai kira.

now the rest is sorta sketchy as my japanese is pretty sad.however this is what i gather. 
1. it costs more money to have one of these cards
2. there are only 1000 of each design available (there a hundred designs)
3. they can be apply for nationwide online, however the only site i've seen that is up is the japanese site.
4. designs were made start sept 08 - to currently. 

there are some places on the net saying they were only available until the end of october, however i do not know if this is true either. 


more designs (ad)

official site

imai kira's site about it

also there is info on imai kira's 2010 calendar on the site now too!



i'd say the one thing new that is a win for me is this coat:

i personally already bought a coat since i live in canada, it gets cold fast. but it's not bad looking, i don't know how warm it actually is. 

They also have alot of new ties, and hats, lol which i have seen in markets in beijing a couple years before.

Hair ties are new:

They are cute, however they are pretty available in stores around toronto. so I am not sure how useful they are to anyone with a china town in their city. 

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