kairei_chan (kairei_chan) wrote in egl,

AFA 2009 Question

Hi, I'm new to EGL community and has just very recently interested in lolita/gothic clothes. I just received my order from Bodyline consisting of 2 sets of clothes and accessories...

... and I LOVE it to BITS! XD I know Bodyline isn't an upper-class brand and I heard issues regarding their ethics and policies, but luckily my order is VERY satisfying! XD This is probably the best birthday I've ever had! XD

I'm planning on dressing for AFA 2009 (anyone going?) so any tips on make-up and/or other tips are very much appreciated!

Though the most important question for all of you going to AFA 2009 is... do they provide changing room? n_n; I don't feel like wearing the clothes in MRTs and buses... >.<

In anyway, nice to meet you all!
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