macchiato_chi (macchiato_chi) wrote in egl,

Another Annoying 'Is this lolita?" Question

Today, my mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas.
(She's thinking so early! O:)

I said I wanted something lolita, and she was like "WTF is that?"
I explained a bit on what it was, and she said lolita things are only
clothes that people in the show wears.
(That greatly offended me LOL)

I started getting teary because she asked me if I ever saw anyone wearing that here on the streets.
I answered no. Then my mom said I can't wear it because that might not suit me.
She made a sarcastic face and asked me "Do you actually think anyone wear's that?!"
So I bursted into tears for an odd reason. I know, I'm such a crybaby.

Moving on to my question,
I found something off ebay (yeah, I'm ashamed.)
This dress is being sold by girldorock.
I used the search function and found only one review on the seller.

I'm not quite sure if this dress IS lolita or just some kind of cosplay.
I don't want to end up being an ita.
The pictures seem stolen, but I'm not going to give that a damn right now.

Here's the link to the dress:

Is it lolita? Or just plain cosplay?
I don't really like how the chandelier thing is so silvery. :P

If my mom let's be buy it, it's going to be my first lolita dress.
I'm more into sweet and classic, but I like the design of the skirt.

Maybe I'll just go with bodyline is not then. :P
I'm not rich enough for burando yet. ;P


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