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Tell me how you feel...

General disclaimer: I used the search function to the best of my abilities, but this is kind of a weird question, and everything that came up was about *other girls* not dressing appropriately.

I've always kind of wondered about this, especially now that I'm looking at everyone's adorable PMX photoposts.

How does egl feel about non-loli/aristocrat significant others showing up at teas/meetups/etc.? I'd really love to go to PMX next year, especially since my boyfriend's family lives in the area and it could double as a trip to see them (I live in Nashville, so it couldn't exactly be a quick day trip).

The problem (not really) is this: while my boyfriend supports me in lolita more than anyone else, I'd never ask him to dress in aristocrat or anything just so he could go a rufflebutt party with me. Granted, he likes suits more than most guys in their early 20's, and is always willing to dress nicely.

I guess my question is, would we be shunned at a tea party if he just showed up well dressed, rather than in platforms and a top hat?

EDIT: Thanks, everyone! Your responses have been great so far. However, I never meant to sound like I would ask my boyfriend to do something or go somewhere he wouldn't want to. I know he'd find a tea party to be the most BORING thing in the world, but if there was ever a more boyfriend-friendly meetup, I'd like him to go, but not if other girls are going to harass me for not having an OMGEGAOUJIBOYFRIENDDESU.
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