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[PMX 2009] Angelic Pretty Wonderland Tea Party weekend


I just want it to be noted, in no way do I ever aspire to be a professional photographer. I leave that talent up my reluctant sister who decided to be antisocial last weekend and thus it reflects in my pictures XD

I attended PMX on Friday and Saturday with kuramew. Had it not been for Angelic Pretty, I would have skipped the con entirely, but I had a blast hanging out with Lauren and seeing Maki and Asuka again ♥


Begrudgingly I woke up at 6:30 because for some crazy reason Lauren wanted to be at the con SUPER EARLY or maybe she wanted to see if I could actually wake up before noon. I didn't get many pictures, despite being at the con for uh..ten hours. I sat in the artist alley with Lauren and helped her sell her ADORABLE handicrafts, and did some shopping at the Angelic Pretty boutique.


misa_hoshi and ?


I finally got to meet unravelingsky while waiting in line for registration. She's so gorgeous ♥




Andrew/sberri looking adorable in melty chocolate. I envy his legs >.>

An, ?, and Cammie/mintymix

saitou_null ? mintymix


Maki/animefreak102 looks so cute in blue.

Maki and Asuka at the Angelic Pretty panel


uh..I was super tired at this point, and fell asleep during the panel XD Lauren and I ended up grabbing burritos at Taco Factory for dinner, after being too tired to really do anything fancier. But it was still CLASSY.


Begrudgingly woke up at 6:30 again, and stopped at Starbucks for a much needed caffeine boost. When we got to the Con I couldn't believe how freaking busy it was.


LOL neku_niku and lilusako are in the far right corner making fun of us for taking pictures in the mirror.



Tara, Sekushi Chan, and Danielle/Starlollie

Tara, konekoanni, and starlollie

?, ?, and Lindsay/alanna lioness

rhidia, honeyroyalty and alanna_lioness

Lauren and her handicrafts

kuramew selling her cute wares

Lauren's Handicrafts

Lauren's Handicrafts

Lauren's Handicrafts

Lauren's Handicrafts


Maki, Asuka, and Koni

Maki, Asuka, and Koni

Maki, Asuka, and Koni

Koni is so cute when she talks



Themed center pieces, they were edible! (okay just the flowers really...)


Place setting



I admit, I'm a picky eater as I brought my own tea. For those that are curious its Lupicia "te de frutas" -the limited edition SF blend, I picked up last month when I was in San Jose. I'm really glad Jocelyn posted about it, because it gave me something new to try!

Milky chan going for my cake

Don't let that deer cuteness fool you, it ate all my cake!

An and Jocelyn

saitou_null and lilusako


sekiria, and deedlu with Yumiko-san, the adorable AP shop girl in the back round. She was super sweet ♥


Christina/starryfeet. Her smile is just so darn cute 8D

Lauren and Milky

Lauren trying to prove to her boyfriend that its perfectly normal to carry around a stuffed pink deer and wear frilly clothes on the weekends.



neku_niku working her butt off to make sure we all had a great time at the tea party

An, Tarina, and Jocelyn

Tarina Tarintino showed up, and gushed over Jocelyn's and An's Hello Kitty Headbows. She was jealous they were able to get them in Black.

Lauren and I

Lauren and I ♥

Asuka, Tarina, Sacho, and Maki

I love Asuka's expression here.

Asuka, Tarina, Sacho, and Maki

I swear this photo OP went on forever


gingerbreadgirl wearing an AP marine stripe OP. I love Pink x Black combos ♥


Laura/06starr Hands down, she wore my favorite outfit of the whole tea party.

Jocelyn and I

lilusako and I. I think we were one of the few people that weren't wearing AP to the tea party. I tried to keep in theme though, my skirt had alice on it.


An/Saitou Null and Jocelyn/lilusako

saitou_null and lilusako. I'm really glad I had a chance to meet An, her style is so fresh. I would have never thought about pairing Milk, AP, and Meta together, but it looks amazing together.

Sheyne/neku_niku and Jocelyn/lilusako

Just wait...

Sheyne and Jocelyn

neku_niku and lilusako being themselves. Ilu guys <3


Victoria drove all the way from Tempe, AZ just to be at the event. She even made her own outfit to go with the Wonderland theme.


Proof that I will never win at any game


But we're all winners in the end. Lauren won a pair of hair ties, and everyone else received an original post card.

Circle of life


Oh deer, we were in the slightest to say still hungry after tea and cake.

Actually, I really was hungry. So while Lauren went to the car to get her supplies, I went to the bar to get us a snack and some drinks. Where I proceeded to be carded by an overzealous cashier for an order of steak fries and a coke, because I looked 16 and wearing lolita didn't help my cause.


mamoru_kun09 and ?


Milky and Magical Pony friends

Chii/xbiteyourtongue and her magical pony friend.



I couldn't believe how crowded the convention got on Saturday afternoon, it was seriously stuffy and uncomfortable. I was glad at this point to have had finished my shopping Friday morning. The line for the boutique was crazy.

Shelby Cloud

Accidentally caught gingerbreadgirl an an awkward moment with my flash, as she exited the boutique.


aimeekitty looking so cute in milky fawn.




Thalia/lalapin is the perfect miss bunny.


but she faces some competition from lachraine


finally remembered to take my picture with Maki and Asuka.

Angelic Pretty Schwag


♥ Super cute AP schwag (or pretty much the definition of why I'm broke) ♥

I'm really happy Angelic Pretty was able to come again this year. I'm really grateful for the girls that organized this event, and that they were able to make it happen. Thank you so much for your hardwork and dedication, I look foreword to hopefully attending the event next year. ♥

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