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"Let them eat cake"-contest: vote for the best cake!

To save a little warmth and fun in this very unpleasant autumn, inspired by the beautiful Iron Gate cake the Hungarian lolitas had a little home contest dedicated to Marie Antoinette's (in)famous words. The rules were really simple: bake, make, decorate a cake either alone, or with a friend's/mama's help, and make a picture of it arranged with matching decorations.
The categories were: 1. lolita print or design, 2. loli-able theme, 3. Halloween.

I'd like to ask for your help, EGL - please have a look at the pictures below, and vote for your favourite cake! Please consider the following aspects: 1. the originality and idea, 2. the finished cake, 3. the arrangement of the picture.

You can see the detailed description, recipe, more pictures here (sorry, only in Hungarian).

And now, the cakes:

1. Gardenia

Category: 1
Time needed: 8 hours
Desciription: homemade sponge-cake, nut cream, homemade fondant, decorated with tulle and blue roses.

2. Métamorphose d'une rose

Category: 1
Time needed: 1,5 hours
Description: homemade spongcake (muffin), rose jam cream, decorated with dried flower petals and sugar pearls.

3. Kill Queen Alice

Category: 2
Time needed: 1,5 hours
Description: chocolate spongcake with Othello grapes, sour cherry jam, marzipan.

4. Memories of souls

Category: 3
Time needed: 5 hours
Description: homemade chocolate and jam spongcake, filled with chocolate cream (with a touch of orange), decorated with melted chocolate and homemade sugar decoration paste.

5. Usakumya and friends

Category: 1
Time needed: 6 hours
Description: homemade spongcake with homemade vanilla extract, vanilla pudding with ricotta, honey, dried fruits in wine, covered with homemade fondant.

6. Tempting Cruelty

Category: 3
Time needed: 2 hours
Description: premade spongecake, vanilla pudding, white chocolate, sour cherry jam.

7. Let them eat heart!

Category: 2
Time needed: 1 hour
Description: minced biscuits with rum and cocoa formed by hand in a heart-shape, melted chocolate, decoration sugar.

8. Pearls, pearls, pearls

Category: 2
Time needed: 2,5 hours
Description: homemade spongcake with cream, icing sugar and tons of sugar pearls. (And tons of patience.)

Poll #1483844 I want candy

Wich cake did you like the most?

Métamorphose d'une rose
Kill Queen Alice
Memories of souls
Usakumya and friends
Tempting cruelty
Let them eat heart!
Pearls, pearls, pearls

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