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Meta Poodle Dress? (Photo request, please!)

Hello Ladies.

I was wondering if anyone had stock photos, and the name of, this dress:
(I don't have a photobucket, and I couldn't find it there... sorry, I hope this link is ok.)

I am looking for pics of this dress worn/coordinated too, preferably by those of us who are...."queen sized''? I have a 41 in bust, and 38 in waist, and while i *think* this dress should fit, I am not certain. I am also 5'9'', so taller lolis are encouraged to show their coords too!

I know that there is at least a black and red colorway, but I am not sure it there are more. Any color is fine, as long as it is the shirred version.

Thank you sooooo much for your help- this may be my newest dream dress! (And the only one I may fit into...)



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