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pmx - mostly saturday

PMX weekend! I don't have many pictures from the first and last day, but I have many from Saturday, the Wonderland Tea Party day. Sorry if I missed you, I was trying to get snaps of everyone, but there were so many lolitas!

Help me identify people and I can add it under the picture. Tell me if you want a picture taken down too.

Maki and Asuka at their panel. Maki was really shy about answering questions, but luckily Asuka had it under control!

Victoria made her pants and ears to fit the theme!

theloserific fukailethalbanana


Bingo paper and napkin at the table. The bingo paper had the prints and you were supposed to put the ones you liked down.

The centerpiece with candy flower!

Part of the room setup

Blurry me

prettyyyy x0g33k0x^_^

Some of the decorations

starryfeet and matsuparadise friendly girls~

My carnival twin! I found out that she works near my house!


faunkegin so pretty!


They didn't even match on purpose. How cool is that!

I forgot to ask for a full body shot later! I really wanted to see the rest of your outfit!
mamoru_kun09 and megwa

It's the dress from Star Night Theater's print!

kuramew I missed the rest of your outfit o_o

Their translator to the right~

The tea party has started!

Before we ate, they had a slideshow of all the original prints that Maki drew and explained each one.
Onto food time~

Blurry! Ann and her vegetarian plate of fruits. I really like her jacket.

mmm the slice of cake


Paparazzi shot of people at the table with Tarina Tarantino
She came while we were eating.


They stood up there for a while as a flock of people came up (including me :x) to take pictures of them.

adorable1 hellooo fellow table member!

Next was bingo time! This is the large group of people that all got bingos.

She won a maki illustration during the raffle. So lucky!!

carbonidiot in her dream dress!

mintymix rocking the brown x pink!

I ran into her in the parking structure! coool coord!

End of Saturday. Now for Sunday~

I love Ann's style!

smileysquid too cute!


kirakirajenjen looks like a princess~


starlollie and hikarichan78

I hope other girls put up fashion show pictures. I couldn't really get any good ones because I was in a bad spot. The AP girls walked really fast and so I couldn't get a really good picture.

Takuya Angel models dancing on stage

h.naoto's Hangry & Angry

animefreak102 and littlegrimi wondering around after the fashion show. mmm pastels and strawberries

Victoria in Twinkle Mermaid today! Lovely

unravelingsky and emerrly They're matching!

the cool gloomy bear jacket!


hu hu I was waiting in line for the AP boutique behind these cuties!

Ash Ketchum

Konata and Miyuki from Lucky Star.
kirakirajenjen & clueless_case
Loveee the pose!

from Trinity Blood
She made the costumes herself!

note: there's just a few cosplay pictures near the end that I really like.
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