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François Amoretti & Imai Kira Books

I recently bought some things off of François Amoretti's blog.

I don't know about any of you... But I am in love with François Amoretti. He's a French, lolita, artist, who's art kinda reminds me of Edward Gorey. {end introduction... onto what I got!}

The first book is "Le Petit Chaperon Rouge"

The cover is a nice, thick card stock, while the inside is a thick, textured paper. It's really quite beautiful.

He even signed it for me! (Sorry for the blur... oye.)

My favorite pages from the book.

This is the most adorable little book ever. It's really good quality and only costs 5 Euros. It's all in Japanese/French, but even if you don't understand either language, it's worth it just for the pictures.

The next book is "Gothic Lolita".

It's a story book/encyclopedia.

It is fabulous quality. The cover is really thick and all the pages are in full color. The cat gives you a reference of how big the book is (and she's cute).

He signed this one as well! I was freaking out that he drew me something. She's so sweet and detailed!

A recipe for blueberry macarons! On the other page there is a lolita song~

There are a couple pages for you to make your own entries into the "Encyclopaedia Lolitae".

There is also some information about other lolita artists.

I think this is one of my new favorite books. The quality is fantastic, the art is beautiful, and it's such a cute idea. There are over 90 pages and their all in French/Japanese. The inside cover has a Snow White print by Baby, the Stars Shine Bright. This one was 19,90 Euros.

The last book is "Velour" by Imai Kira.

It has sixteen prints in it. Nine of them are full-color, the others are in black, white, gray and mint. The last seven prints tell a story all in Japanese. It costs 9 Euros.

This is everything I got! They included some Kokusyoku Sumire leaflets and Red Riding Hood post cards!

You can buy François Amoretti's books here and Imai Kira's book here.

When you order you e-mail a lady named Violette. She is super sweet and really patient/informative.

I advise everyone who wanted these books to get them. They're really well done and worth the money.

They get a 5/5 on shipping (which was really fast), quality, communication, and anything else you can think of.

If you have any questions or wanted a picture of something specific just ask!!!
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