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Coordination Help?

 (If This Doesn't Belong Here, Please Tell Me, And I'll Delete!)

Hey EGL, how are you? So, I plan on asking for a skirt from BABY for Christmas (which would be my first brand item!), and I was just thinking of purses that would coordinate well with it. So, I shopped around on the BABY website, but I couldn't really find anything that was in my price range that I liked. The only bag that I liked was the Pony In Sweet Dream Boston Bag in the white colorway. But the thing is, I don't really know if it matches? I don't know, my matching sense have been off today.

So, I was wondering if any of you lovely ladies (and gents) had suggestions for a purse that would go with the skirt? And it does not have to be BABY (honestly, I'd like it to be somewhat cheap... I'm not saying it should be crap quality. Just, like... not super expensive.) I like Angelic Pretty too!

The skirt that I'm interested in, the Circus print. LOVE IT SO MUCH!

This is the bag. I don't know, it doesn't match but it does? If that makes sense? Eheh...

Edit: Okay, so it's been generally agreed that a solid coloured purse would look better with the skirt, so I searched AP's site and came up with this:

Thanks in advance!

xx siusiu
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