dohreimee (dohreimee) wrote in egl,

Questions About Miracle Candy and Photo Request

 Hello everyone! I've been pondering for a while now about which AP Miracle Candy I want to get. I know I want to get it in pink but I don't know if I want to get the one piece, jsk, or skirt version of it. To help me figure out which one I want  I  have a few questions to ask.

My first question: Where does the bow of the skirt go? In the middle of the front, back, side of the front?

My second question: Are the candy pieces stringed with beads on top of the bodice detachable on the JSK?

I would also like to see any pictures of the jsk, op, and skirt worn to help me choose which one to get. I'm wracking my brain over it but can't make any real decision until I have these questions answered. Any help will be much appreciated~ And I also looked through the memories but didn't find anything so I apologize if there is an already existing post about this. 
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