minn_fae (minn_fae) wrote in egl,

Help me lolifying this thing?

Well, I don't own any lolita clothes yet, specially since I don't earn any money, but my mom wants to help me. I'm going to commission my first dress to a nice lolita seamstress but meanwhile, my mom suggested me to lolify some old clothes.

So I received this thing:
(it's white with black and grey squares)

I'm not sure if it can really become lolita, but I still wanted to try

with some quick mad ms paint skills I edited it to this:
(it's now only a top, I added a white yoke with a bow of the same fabric and ruffles, a vertical white line with small decorative buttons and ruffles to the sides, plus a black heart)

I'll use the skirt to make the ruffles and maybe a headdress because it's impossible for that tight skirt to become a lolita one

Any help/suggestions? I really want to have some lolita clothes soon...
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