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Mariko_Senpai and clobbao situation: What I've gotten...

Mods if this is not allowed, sorry in advance. I just thought I would share what I've gotten on this situation at the moment and about an OP that I had ordered about 4 months ago now.

So in light of a recent post made by mariko_senpai and then sent to me. I received the package without a problem from mariko_senpai and it was perfect. I ordered this second Infanta Op shortly after ordering the MM replica, and then the trouble began:

mariko_senpai always kept me up to date on everything when the first two times clobbao had shipped my OP, and I never received it (Mix up it would seem of the address on the US end the first time ((they shipped it to 4 separate area codes, all of which where not the correct one I had provided)), second time it was accepted at JFK airport and promptly returned to China).
mariko_senpai got in contact with clobbao again for the second time that I had not received my OP and he informed her that he "did not have my OP". The next time I heard from mariko_senpai he had informed her that he had "found" my Op and would be sending it out.

A week ago mariko_senpai again messaged me asking if I had received my OP yet (I was just about to message her about it at that time). I had not, and this was after once again confirming my address for shipping, and paying a second shipping fee. After that time she informed me that clobbao was no longer responding to any of her messages and informed me that she had been having trouble with him recently not sending customers items either directly to them, or her. At this point, mariko_senpai then told me she had received a box, but could not pick it up until the next day due to a public holiday. She contact me the next day with the following:

"Ugh, I hate to say this but I looked inside the box and only half the clothes I ordered was there. Nothing from Infanta at all. I am unsure as to what to do until I call a supplier directly as half the clothes I got and want to know where the other half is. My contact did say he would post it to you but I have no idea if he did or not because he is not responding anymore.

Failing this I can give you mine for free. It's been used throughout the winter but I can take some pics and minus the shipping cost and return the rest of the funds to you if I can't learn of yours' whereabouts."

At this point it seemed I would never see my OP I had ordered, and agreed to this as a last resort if I could not get in contact with clobbao myself.

Shortly following this, mariko_senpai made this post.</div>
After which finding clobbao user name I contact him this morning. Admittedly, I was a probably a little rude, but after being scammed so many times before (by via cosplay commissions or others) I hate being dragged around like this, I just want to get to the bottom of things. About no less than five minutes later, I got the following response:

"Oh god, Hi ******, thank god you put your name at the end of the msg.
These whole thing is a mess, she's been bad mouthing about me and all her accusations not true. I have sent all the evidences to the mods on egl_common_sales and me and marie are both banned, the mods are reaching an decision and my banning will be turned over for sure as one mod told me. I have sent everything to her, she received all the items except the last lot of HMHM items which I sent yesterday(HMHM had a bit of issue of turning over the stock or something). I did not tell her the tracking numbers because I do not want to have anything to do with her as she's making sick.
For your tartan OP, I have sent it twice but both got returned, the first time it got returned she accused me of putting the wrong address/zip code until I got the package(I told her to check with you about the address but she insist the idea of me putting the wrong address/zip code), the package got returned the second time after she gave me another address of yours, it got returned again and reached me a couple of days ago and I have sent it to marie with the rest of HMHM items. I did not/imply to withhold any of the items.
You all just hear the story from her without any evidence. The shoes pics on my site, they were on it long time ago and I opened the order long time ago as well(you can view the photo details, there's a time marked on of when its taken), I just added 3 photos after the shoes arrived. I have all the evidence in emails(screenshots). But it's really tiring to explain this whole thing. I can also prove all the accusations in the emails to her customers wrong with all the evidences. I just don't have the emails of the customers, so I don't get the chance,
Is there a way that we can talk?

Oh and the previous ems forms(in the packages to you) and the slips were all at my place, I can take pics for you if you want. And you can see the tracking record online still. "

I respond and he provided me with the "evidence." The evidence was a email back and forth between mariko_senpai and clobbao and pictures of the shipping slips. Come to find out they both did have the correct address', which leads me to believe it was indeed a mix up on the US post and my not receiving my item. This still did not explain the obvious lying going on on clobbao end with "not having my item" and then it magically appearing, or mariko_senpai comment to clobbao in on of their emails saying "Thanks dude. I'll ask her to confirm her address and get back to you. No need for the pic, she seems to still trust me as she isn't horrible to me yet." on Oct 16th.

This one came across really odd to me, and it still dumbfounds me, as I had never seen her talk/type that way. It just doesn't seem to fit...plus the other screen caps he sent to me of this message, she never once spoke like that.

clobbao messaged me after I responded to this "evidence" and informed me that he has sent mariko_senpai a new package yesterday containing my OP and other customers items, and that he had in fact with held the tracking from her because he "does not want to deal with THAT women again".

As of right now, this is as far as I have gotten with either side, and mariko_senpai has still yet to respond to my last message agreeing to take her version of the OP I ordered.

Has anyone else, having trouble, been in contact with clobbao or mariko_senpai? As of right I am very confused, and finding it very hard to trust clobbao personally. I know mariko_senpai to be a decent and reputable seller after my first transaction with her, and from what I have heard from others of her. This whole thing just seems really fishy right now...

Who else just wants their times?

EDIT: I have decided to post the "evidence" that clobbao emailed me. Again I do not know if the mods want this at all shared, so sorry to them in advance if that is the case.

Mariko has asked me to remove the private emails, so I am doing so. Apologies to Mariko for this, I just wanted to get the info I had found out there, to hopefully help clear some things up, and see what others thought of all this. This was not to make Mariko look bad in any way, just showing the excuses I got from clobbao. So again I am sorry Mariko, this was to be against clobbao not you.



Tags: !attention buyer/seller, !scam alert/possible scam
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