Specialist (specialist) wrote in egl,

International shipping/fees/paypal etc etc..

Heloo. So I looked through all of the egl searchings and google but can't find exactly what I need. Sorry. I recently put up some loli shoes for sale and this girl from another country wants to buy them.. Problem is I'm a little unsure of to how to go about international shipping. Was wondering if anyone had anything to help me out with.

She wants to pay by paypal and I am unsure after all of the fees that have to be paid, like do I have to convert her payment to my currency or does she do that? What are all of the hidden fees for PP? Plus the shipping rates for international are a little unclear to me. Do I ship by weight or size? I figured I can find out shipping rates tomorrow if I go to the post office, but I would like to ask anyone if they knew about Paypal fees and USPS shipping before that. Please help! I'm a newb -.-

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