Skylar (akina_nii) wrote in egl,

Skirt Survey

Hello, my name is Skylar and I’m currently in college as a fashion design major. I’m interested in making replica skirts of high priced designer brands (such as AP and Baby) for a lesser, more affordable price. I’d also mix in a few of my own designs. The skirts would be printed on high quality cotton with a custom fitted waist and a size zipper. I have a few questions before I start putting these into production and will show some samples as soon as I have them made. But first I'd like to ask the community a few questions so I can be sure to create something people will like.

What are some of your favorite prints? Please include image links.

How important is a lining in a skirt to you? If a skirt doesn't have a lining are you less likely to buy it?

How much would you pay or a professionally skirt constructed as listed above?

Edit: I was inquiring about the replica skirts because I assumed there would be a big demand for them. I assumed wrong and would much rather make my own designs.

Thank you.
Tags: community: research/essays/projects, community: surveys/polls/questionnaires
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