miscy (miscy) wrote in egl,

I <3 Anthropologie!

Found a great off brand dress at Anthropologie today... its on the clearance rack so they no longer have it on their website EDIT: I LIE! I FOUND IT AFTER A BIT OF SEARCHING!. Apparently Drew Barrymore wore it in an SNL sketch a few weeks ago (about 10:00 min in). It needed a few things to make it more 'loli' but i love the semi-vintage look of it! Pardon my lack of make-up and decent hair, i just got back from the mall and really wanted to share!

i am wearing a cheap underskirt (i plan on making a dot tulle one to go with it and many other dresses) and a crappy ribbon sash. I am very tall so its a tad ero short on me, but its made of awesome heavy cotton blend fabric and HAS POCKETS YAY! Buttons down the front and has a side zipper. Totally worth my 70.00

Tags: finds: real life
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