Gabby (madidi) wrote in egl,

Momo's Petticoats?

I know Momo's doesn't have the best reputation, but recently I've seen a few posts that have stated that their quality has improved a lot. I was looking at this petticoat they have for sale on eBay (I need a new white one), and I was wondering if anyone here has bought one. Can anyone tell me anything about their pettis? Really, I just want to know how poofy the thing looks pretty poofy in the photo. I don't care so much about scratchiness or cheap materials; it's just a petticoat (and I danced ballet for years, so itchy doesn't bother me haha).

I have decided to go ahead and buy it, so I will post my own review and photos of it worn when I receive it! Thank you <3
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