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Reviews of Candy Violet anyone?

Evenin' EGL

After scouring the rather aweful search engine, I've come to the conclusion that there are hardly any reviews of Candy Violet, with the exception of the hoopla over their fluffy pettis and how they cause floods and other natural disasters from their extreme poof.

So! Has anyone done business with CV? Could you kindly tell of your experience, the quality of what you bought, etcetc? I've bought from them before, but that was like...two years ago now, haha. I didn't have any problems at the time with shipping or quality, but I'm looking for someone who's done more recent purchasery.

I've been eyeing their Paris Chic skirt in pink, because my closet needs moar of the diabetus. (At the moment, my weak heart and knees can't take AP, so this will do)

I think this is supposed to be a closeup of a print, but I don't se--OH there it is. Pink on pink; what an aweful way to hide such a pretty print. :c

Regardless it's still very cute.

Thank you!

Tags: *candy violet, garment: skirts, request: review
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