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Kids Yoyo Carnival Replicas

I did a search but didn't really come up with useful information. Or any information at all, actually.
I know these Carnival replicas from Kids Yoyo have been out for a while now, I haven't really seen any reviews of it. I've been eyeing it for a while, and also trying to figure out if it's something I would be comfortable actually wearing. But mainly trying to figure out what the quality is like.

Do any of you girls have this replica dress (or skirt/JSK)? Do you have any of your own pictures? How does the quality seem in terms of finishing details? What's the fabric like? Is the skirt very full, as in comparable to real AP?

Oh, and which taoboa service did you use, and did you have a good experience with them?

thank you for your time.

Edit: I'm actually especially interested to see any pics of the PinkxWhite, BluexWhite or BlackxPink versions, as those are the ones I don't think I've seen around.
Tags: *kidsyoyo, garment: dresses, request: review
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