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Public announcement re ongoing situation with goods from China

Given the trouble I have had with my Chinese intermediary and the events that have followed, I now have no choice but to post this to the public. clobbao was responsible for taking my orders, placing them with manufacturers, receiving goods, QCing them and shipping them out to me and more recently customers directly. I have placed with him ~7 orders during the year One Day In Paradise has been operating. During the last order, close to when the order was due to be in Melbourne, he informed me that I was to pay 20% of the retail price of the goods for continuing to service me. Had he mentioned this before or after the order had been sent, it would have been reasonable.

However, because he mentioned it before the order was due I felt he was placing me under pressure to agree in order to release the goods. I refused to agree, mentioning he had already been paid. In anger (not the best emotion when one is being extorted) I outed him on another forum where he was soliciting trade in other areas, and although it was unprofessional I am confident that he will not be able to trade there ever again.

 Although he has made mistakes in the past re quality control (items not as per photograph) and ordering items without my permission, it has been the first time he
  • failed to place orders (did not place orders for RHS and a couple of shoes)
  • failed to meet deadlines (goods missed the Armageddon Auckland deadline, causing me to miss my sales target)
  • failed to respond to requests for shipping information (to both me and an irate customer who could not be calmed)
  • posted private emails to the public
I believe that because he was planning to launch his own shopping service the delay of goods and lack of comunication to me was done in order to spite me. He registered his site on the 8th September, whereas I placed my order on the 25th. I recognise some shoes belonging to the previous order and shoes and skirts from the current order on his site that he photographed for his own use. Moreover, he ripped off my measurement chart word for word and despite my repeatedly commenting on his posts to take photos of the shoes I ordered and the measurement charts down, he refused to do so and instead deleted my comments.

Unfortunately, this happened before I was due into Auckland for Armageddon, and because he ceased communication with me it has been difficult to service my customers and keep them updated. This has led to a customer abusing me and threatening to 'out' me (not that I am afraid to post about the situation myself but was asked to keep it to emails as I am communicating). As someone who has been a victim of physical, mental, verbal and written abuse in the workplace, I am absolutely appalled in the manner she responded to my handling the situation and being a person with standing in the community she should know better. There are other people in the same situation as her and no one reacted in the manner she did. It was frightening and intimidating; and is not behavour I will accept given I am doing my best to resolve an undesirable situation. I was also asked by same person to cease business operations until this matter was closed, however this is illegal under Australian federal law and have been placed under unbearable pressure to make decisions that are not in anyone's best interests.

idealia, you have written in egl_comm_sales that I have not shipped items. This is not correct. Due to my being in Lakes Entrance on Monday 2nd November when the second box arrived (no notification it would be sent at all) containing shoes and some HMHM as well as a public holiday the following day, I began to send goods on Wednesday 4th. I do appreciate it is too soon to check whether people have received them or not as both Australian and international customers are included and have been shipped by various methods of postage.

HMHM have responded today saying the last item was shipped to clobbao on the 5th November. That means he has all remaining items I do not have, but because he will not tell me when he is shipping them to me I cannot give anyone an ETA. You might see your items on his site? *sigh*

FanplusFriend is ready and am still waiting for an alternative supplier to quote me on shipping as well as for RHS. One customer is still waiting on her Infanta OP that was unlucky enough to be returned but he could not even be bothered to arrange to have it sent out again despite repeated requests to do so and am hoping it is in this next shipment. Everyone has been versed on my refund policy, which is that if I cannot order items that has not been ordered to them in a reasonable time I will refund.

I maintain I did my duty to my customers and then to the communities to which clobbao posted by warning them as early as I could and in return have been rewarded by being banned. Given that I have other suppliers (if only everyone else was as easy as Anna House and Spider to work with) as well as stock local products I do not think this is appropriate. One Day In Paradise will continue business as normal, starting with an Anna House GO that is arriving into Melbourne next week, followed by the Madman Supanova National Cosplay Championships which is down the road from my house.

He is thoroughly untrustworthy and in addition, he has money problems of which I was not previously aware relating to his mother having cancer and having to sell her thread business as well as him remaining unemployed after graduating from university. While I feel for his situation, what he has done to the business and the customers who have placed their hard earned money with the business is unforgiveable.

I thank my customers for remaining calm during this difficult time and everyone who has supported the store throughout the year, although I have never been (attempted?) scammed before now I may have to accept that I will not see the remainder of my money.
Tags: !banned sellers/members, !scam alert/possible scam
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