Kytrax (kytrax) wrote in egl,

Bodyline Review - A+

I was very very happy with my latest bodyline order.  Pics and comments in the cut! 

White shirt looks exactly as advertised.  It's a standard medium and fits snugly.  The hidden buttons are excellent.

Detail of shirt

This black shirt has ties in the back and looks exactly as advertised.  Fits a bit better than the white shirt and I noticed that their shirts and dresses all have different sizes even if you're ordering from their standard stock of small, medium and large.

Detail of shirt.  Love the rose lace.  The lace around the collar is delicate and soft, but didn't fray when I rubbed at it.

Dress looks exactly as advertised.  It has shirring in the back and expands quite a bit.  There are also ties on the left and right of the front panel, so there are two ways to expand and adjust the size without it looking too noticeable.

Detail of fake pocket.  WHY don't more lolita dresses have actual pockets?

Oh shizzle.  The ribbon is adorable with butterflies, roses and...wait...BODYLINE?  Maybe nobody will notice.

Cute rose button.

On the website there's a picture of the back, but I couldn't really make out what those nubby things were.  Oh!  They're wings!  They're removeable if you don't want stubby plush wings on your back.

I also purchased a pannier, the fluffy layered one with polka dots/hearts on it.  I added lace to the bottom because it was not long enough IMO, but it was semi-fluffy.  I may add a layer of tulle to make it fluffier.  It was only $19 and very sturdily constructed.

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