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Lolita Panel Nekocon 2009 (Southern VA)

Where? Hampton Roads Convention Center(Hampton,VA) Need directions?
When? 1:00pm, see staff at the event for the location of the panel room.
What? Basically the annual introduction to the fashion/discussion. Hopefully a little more prepared then next year. n_n; Attend for your chance to win a small lolita-themed gift basket!
Afterward we may gather together and hang out for a bit, take pictures and whatnot. I haven't heard/planned of any dinners, or picnic events this time. Sorry about the last minute information, as Nekocon's staff was really unprofessional and late on giving us any information this year and I've been living in a house with no internet for the past half of the year. :[

Again, sorry for such short notice and lack of details!
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