macchiato_chi (macchiato_chi) wrote in egl,

DHL Questions?

So I went on Bodyline a few days ago and there's a "DHL fee 0 or DHL fee fixed 20 US dollars campaign! From 1st,Nov to 30th,Nov."
sale thing.

Apparently, I have NEVER used DHL, so I don't know a lot about it.
I have used the search function on EGL, but couldn't find all the answers to some of my questions.

Questions: ( I'm so sorry!) D8

Do they charge a lot on taxes? (I live in USA, btw)

Does the charging on taxes depend on how much item is being shipped? Or does it depend on countries?

Is it possible to send it back to Bodyline and hopefully they send it back without taxes? DX
(I heard that while searching it for hours)

If there is already a post like this please let me know! >__<


Tags: *bodyline, ordering: shipping
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