Arya (laiferr) wrote in egl,

Milanoo banned from the community

Warning against Milanoo and Ban from the community

In light of the fact Milanoo has inferior customer service, can't seem to see what they've done wrong and has created several LJ sock puppet accounts to try and support their behaviour, they are now banned from the community. Any sock puppets they try to create will be instantly banned.

Recap of situation courtesy of Celticfreefall:

1.) Customer posts godawful review.

2.) Boycott is started.

3.) Milanoo flips and starts trolling.

4.) Apology is posted immediately after troll post. Woweee what a coieen-ke-dink!

Socks so far: nancy245 , superlaan , lblb198778 , susie_lu , lolitafun 

UPDATE (20/07/10) Milanoo operates several different store fronts, is sold through various on-line retailers and create fake blogs/websites/reviews to try and promote themselves under the guise of being a lolita. See a list of them here. Buyer beware!

UPDATE (10/10/10) Milanoo are still active and trying to post on the sales community. Because of moderated posting their sales aren't getting through, but be warned, they are very much still around!
Tags: !attention buyer/seller, !banned sellers/members, !mod post, !scam alert/possible scam, store: milanoo

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