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Aesthetic Theme / Sewing Post: Music Note Skirt

So here's my take on the asthetic theme this month, plus some other skirts that I made since my last post.
Here's my latest work. Music Note skirt. It is embroidered on soft velveteen with metallic gold thread. The embroidery design is from Secrets of Embroidery.

I tried to recreate the AP poof but failed. Needs moar circumference.

Embroidery on one side.

Embroidery on the other side.

I found my music note charms which I bought 3 years ago. So happy I didn't throw them away.

The back has nothing going on. It's pretty simple so I didn't take a pic of that. I might make some detachable waist-ties with gold trim later on but I'm too tired right now.

Here's some of the things I made since my last sewing post.

High waist skirt with beautiful gothic pattern to it. This took a looong time to make (about 3 -4 weeks) because the fabric is silk brocade. It is very tricky and frays like OMG!. I have little patience for fraying fabric so I can only work on it little by little. I still love it though, and it's my new favorite handmade skirt. I really like how this skirt turned out and I have to thank the girl who commissioned it  for giving me this job ^_^. Now I can make one for myself as well.

It is fully lined, has a side zipper and corsetted shirring at the back

I also made the cross and ose brooch to match which added a nice finishing touch to the  skirt.


Tartan Twill replica skirt

Now I've always wanted this dress, but after a year of looking for it, I can't seem to find it. So i decided to make one for myself and ended up making a skirt instead since I hardly ever wear jsk's.

My sister commented that it looked like a sad face -_-


Cathedral Embroidery Skirt
This was a commissioned peice. The embroidery goes all the way around the skirt, which was hellofalot time consuming but absolutely worth it. Embroidered on black velveteen, it has partial elastic waist and a side zipper.



Classic Floral Skirt
I watched the Prince and Me dvd and I was feeling princess-y


Tartan high Waist Skirt.

bows and suspenders are detachable.


Tartan Tulle Skirt from Gosurori
Tags: *handmade, theme: november
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