Lady A (cupcakefrog) wrote in egl,
Lady A

Reviews on Lolita BabyAngel?

Going to get some money soon and of course when I do, my shopping crazed nature will come out. Haveing known about this store for quite some time now, only just forgot.

Lolita BabyAngel  , is the name, only just hearing about it for the first time then when I found the site.
It seems trust worthy, though, personally, I find the clothes a tad bit ugly, but maybe that's my opinion. (I'm more in it for their bags and shoes).

I've been lurking around that site, but I'm still not sure about how trust-worthy it is, or is there something I'm missing that everyone else seems to know and that I'm just el stupido?

Any reviews, warnings, or encouragments?
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