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Ero Kodona

So I was thinking for a possible Ero Lolita outfit - Bloomers, garters, boots, some sort of corset and a zillion Lolita accessories. Is there an equivalent for Kodona (Girls In Kodona and Males in Kodona - Prince Styles and Masculine Aristo style?)?

I got to thinking - I saw some early erotic paintings/drawings of courtesans from the 17th C who dressed as boys for their patron's fantasies. They wore the same breeches and stockings, their hair tied back in a loose, rakish ponytail, wearing men's white shirts, loose and open again in a rakish fashion.

In the context of a Kodona style Ero co-ordinate I got to thinking which elements would make this up.

Would you wear tighter breeches to emphasize legs (or if your a dude, crotch), shorter versions of knickers/breeches teamed with garters and stockings (as a suggestion of underwear), under bust style corset over the shirt (underwear as outwear dynamic) or a hard boned waistcoat or a corset instead of a waistcoat/vest? Perhaps the typical white shirt worn unbuttoned, cravat tied loosely (think that scene in Pride and Prejudice where Elizabeth stumbles upon Mr. Darcy wet from swimming *swoon*) - this possibly being applicable to both men and women, the exposure of breast bone and clavicle or the peek of the swell of breasts.

These conventions are probably just a product of what I consider "ero" (soft butches, girly girls in boyish clothing and girly dudes :D) and attempting to keep within the conventions of what constitutes Kodona/Prince styles.

What I'd like to hear is your thoughts on the subject eglers.
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