Apotheca Amaranthine (gienahclarette) wrote in egl,
Apotheca Amaranthine

Master Review List of Absolutely Everything?

Would there be any point in making a huge, master list of all reviews possible for the brand, offbrand, and independent vendors of lolita clothing? Ideally, it would cut down on all of the constant questions about the quality of Bodyline or Momo's. But, honestly, that might never stop, since that would require people to read and make their own decisions based upon what they would read. So I ask you, EGL, do you think compiling this sort of thing would have any use, or would it just be a huge waste of time? Here's a sample of what I've started putting together for Milanoo.

The Good: 1, 2, 3,
The Mediocre: 1, 2
The Ugly: 1, 2, 3

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