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Milanoo Nightmare...

As I'm typing this guys I just recieved my Milanoo order. I kid you not. It's the worst dress I have seen in my whole life....You will need to see the pictures to just see how bad it is. Just a for warning. It's floor length O<O

Well firstly I ordered this dress well over 2 months ago. It got shipped on Halloween and it arrived today. 5th of November (happy bonfire night!!)

       I ordered this dress from Milanoo.....  http://milanoo.com/Pink-Sleeveless-Bow-Cotton-Lolita-Dress-p13000.html

It's obviously a BABY/AP replica. I thought well I'd like to try them out and see how they are, as it's a replica and hey who doesn't wan't an exact replica for the half price...BIG MISTAKE.

Well there was no communication at all, I emailed them atleast 3 times as the order was late. It stated 1 month at the latest. I wanted it for Haloween but it didn't even get shipped untill today. In a way I'm so glad, I truly would have looked like a monster. Now lets go onto the pictures...

 Okay guys keep in mind that I am 5'3, and alot of things are long on me, but I don't suppose  most would be floor length....

   Well here is the pictures...


This is the horror of the dress. It is floor length, with terrible lace. On the website it stated it would be like the picture, but can someone please for the love of Goth point of what about this dress looks like the picture apart from the colour? I ordered a size L, Because the chest measurements looked pretty good. I compared this dress to the Bodyline dress I ordered this week .

The Bodyline dress is well made, warm and cute...I paid a mere £28 for the Bodyline dress,, the wedding dress night mare I paid £50. £50 for a pile of ugly lace..


This is a close up picture of the bottom lace, as you can see it's cheap and nasty.And already fraying. 


  This is a close up of the chest, it's loose and VERY see-through. As the  picture may show the dress is made of very cheap Polyester. It is very wrinkle-prone and not at all warm. It is the same material used to make capes, for costumes


The back with the zip closed. The seams are a little damaged from the trying on of the dress.


The bow in the center of the dress. I was shocked as in the center of the bow to give it shape there is a stiff peice of cardbourd in there. You  can see it when your press hard against the material.

And here is the best of the worst. Me wearing it. Please excuse the fact I looked stunned and upset. As I really was...

And this is the dress worn. Nothing like the picture stated, it's floor length. It looks like a terribky tacky bride's maid dress .And this picture is taken with the petticoat on.. I also wanted to show that the Bodyline dress is the stated length on the website..

This was the petticoat recieved. They provided a  knee length petticoat, for a floor length dress. Makes alot of sense right :D  The pettiocat is simply a peice of cloth with a thin hoola hoop attached.

   Overall I would say, dont waste your money on Milanoo. Awful quality, awful price, awful everything. Also has any one got any suggestions what I should do? I don't want to waste my money, I would like a refund, but I dont' want anyone else to be ripped off too. So any suggesitons would be welcome.

EDIT: Thankyou guys so much....Being really stupid and all can someone please tell me how to file a Paypal claim.I'd really aprecciate it! 

Tags: !attention buyer/seller, !banned sellers/members, !scam alert/possible scam, review company: milanoo, store: milanoo
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