calluvion (calluvion) wrote in egl,

Dress Name and Design Advice?

I hope this is the right comm-- feel free to yell at me if not.

I'm looking for the name of this (AP?) double-breasted JSK that turned up in the Winter 2009 English GLB and volume 27 of the original, as well as advice for designing a semi-replica.~


Most of it's blocked because of the deco-ness, but you get the idea. ^^;

I think it's AP because it's Maki, but I could be wrong. I tried doing a search, but I didn't know what to put for the terms and got a bunch of irrelevant stuff. I'd like the name of it and any pictures/info you have, please!

And because I don't think I'll be able to fit it, afford it and pull it off (so bright!), I want to sew a vest/skirt set like it. But I'm unsure about the colors I'm considering. Does it look too cosplay-ish to you?

Black x pink is my favorite combo, but...

And one more thing-- I was thinking about wearing a big bowknot with it like Maki is, but my sensible, non-loli friend said I shouldn't. Do you think that a bow like that would be too hard to pull off? Would a jabot or tie be better?

Thank you for any help you can give! <3
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