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With all the Bodyline reviews and Milanoo dramdram, I figured I'd rate a famous brand- Angelic Pretty.


I ordered the Milky-chan set (headbow, JSK and socks in pink) through on_a_motorbike with no problem, and so I can't rate AP on their service, so figured I would rate the actual items.

I ordered the jewelry version of the JSK (the longer, high-waisted one).

The quality of the JSK is impeccable! They designed custom lace with Milky-chan on it for the bottom hem, and the rest of the lace is the lovely soft, synthetic lace they've been using lately. The "Ecstasy tablet" lace is also soft and double-stitched on so that it doesn't flap up or anything, and the three jewels on the bodice are stitched on securely. The satin bow on the "necklace" is removable by pin, however the big waist bow isn't.
They stopped using crappy zippers that are impossibly to do up and actually sewed in a pretty heavy-duty small zipper. I am impressed 8Db
FINALLY AP DID SOMETHING ABOUT THEIR WAIST TIES! Instead of having a bare back to the waist ties, it's backed with the light pink lining on the inside of the JSK.
That's another point, there's a nice soft lining throughout the majority of the JSK, as well as a built-in petticoat that actually adds a bit of poof and structure.
Milky-chan print is ADORABLE and there's so many details in the print. Hearts, deer, rabbits, lipstick, hat boxes, mirrors, purses, etc etc etc. The only thing I am miffed about is that the cut of fabric my JSK was made of, a Milky-chan's head is hidden by the big heart jewel ; A ;

So overall I give the JSK 5/5, despite the decapitated Milky.

Not much to say, haha. The headband it's made of is sturdy, and the bow is GIANT a la AP. There's a little stitched-on dangling heart jewel that I really like. There are no deer on the fabric cut of my headbow, which is disappointing, but I think it's supposed to be like that?

Overall I rate the headbow 4.5/5, because of the lack of print.

FFFF SO CUTE. They're OTK, which I like.
My only gripe is that the print is stitched in VERY thickly, and unless you have tiny legs, it gets a bit distorted. They're very stretchy, but I wouldn't recommend them to people with larger legs.

I give them a 4.5/5 as well, due to print distortion, and my legs aren't even that big :/

Deer-ear headbow:
Well this mofo. I shelled out about $90 for these off Y!JP. They snap on, but I am going to add clips later on. The thing I don't like about the snaps, is that they're plastic, which means the ears kind of slip around and turn while I'm wearing them. Also, the headband is oddly shaped and doesn't sit flush to my head.
The fabric also doesn't match the Milky-chan print JSK entirely, as the deer-eared headbow is made to match the applique JSKs, not the original print JSK.
The ears are very cute, the pair I ordered are speckled fur, which is SO CUTE. The only problem is the shade of pink changes throughout the fabric, which would be cute but I ended up with one ear looking lighter than the other :/ They're also a little bit differently-sewn, so I keep having to adjust them. The fur on the inside is OK quality, not FANTASTIC~ but not crappy, either.

I rate these 3.8/5, because I'm honestly not that thrilled with them.

Milky-chan plush bag:
This deer is adorable! From the side and top.
From the front and bottom, it looks a little... not quite right. The bag is obviously made to be seen from the side. The bag I received's head was also a little malformed, and its ears don't really sit right, either. Milky-chan has two small earrings on her ears, and you can't even see them because of how the ears are sewn. Also, on two of the hooves, the fur is sewn unevenly. It's not noticeable, but still. One more thing, the zipper pull is... supposed to be a butterfly, I guess? It's made of felt and... looks totally weird... My mom is a bit rough with my stuff and she opened the bag with the zipper pull, and just with her opening the bag ONCE the zipper pull has become a bit deformed!
The inside of the bag holds absolutely nothing. I can shove maybe lipgloss and my keys into it, BARELY. So it's more of a decoration.

I rate this bag 4/5.

So to conclude, AP I love you, but seriously? For $50 retail, I want some FUCKING NICE EARS, and for a $90 stuffie with a strap, I'd like the hooves to be sewn right.

I give the set a 4.3/5

So now some pictures of the set together ~

Only picture of the socks I have.

Custom lace ~

Quality worth the money? Hell no.

Design worth the money? HELL YEAH.
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