Tokyo Rebel (tokyo_rebel) wrote in egl,
Tokyo Rebel

Victorian Maiden Reserves in the West!

We know not everyone reads our blog or the smaller sub-comms, and this is a pretty big deal so we wanted everyone to know about it. If you've admired Victorian maiden products from afar but always thought their best items were somehow unattainable in the past, you now have an official and fully authorized way to reserve all of their newest stuff here in the west. Us :)

Going forward, our VM reserve page should more or less mirror the reserve page on VM's own site, but for English speakers, with worldwide shipping. The first series we've been authorized to reserve is the Rose Garden series, which you can reserve until November 7th *only*.

Please read the aforementioned VM reserve page on our site carefully if you're interested. Keep in mind that we have an extremely limited allotment of reservations - it is possible that we could run out of reservations for certain things if you wait until the last minute.

If you're not yet a fan of VM, we can't recommend the brand highly enough - it is really high quality stuff. Beautifully made in addition to being beautifully designed.

Also, unrelatedly and we haven't even started mentioned this anywhere else yet, but we now offer gift certificates both online and (separately) through our store. Our online gift certificates are handled through PayPal. And yes, you can redeem these for reserve items too!

We're happy to answer any questions about the reserve process.
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