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Taking of Measurments question

I am VERY I was hoping some of you could aid in the clearing of said confusion...

I know measurements are taken AROUND a person. For example - taking my bust measurement its 40in (101cm) in circumference.

When I was still learning Lolita - I had a dress made from a seller on ebay (I know I know... *hangs head in shame*) and gave them my measurements just like I did in the previous sentence. 40 inches (101 cm.) I did this for all my measurements.

When I received the two-piece dress...the bodice portion *delicate shudder* I...I could CAMP under that thing! It. WAS. HUGE! I know I have a large bust - however, I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say I'm fairly certain I could fit 2 of me in there.

(Now on to the actual point down this horrific jaunt down memory lane)

For the past year and a half I thought it was merely a bad measurement on my part - until I saw this when I was looking at Innocent Worlds website:

The back measurement view doesn't show a circumference measurement for the bust or waist - just the front.
So does that mean when I take my measurements, for Brand sites and custom - I just measure the front?

Because if that's the case, last years fiasco would make a lot more sense.

*sees a small glimmer of sparkly hope at the end of a very dreary tunnel of dreams*


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