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Doubts about Sugary Carnival measaurements.....

Hello there ^__^
I'm in the mood of buying a Sugary Carnival OP in black.
I'm not here to post a wtb, just to ask you informations about this wonderful dress.

Well, my primary problem is that I'm 175 cm tall, and I am SCARED it could be too short for me >_< also, I do appreciate a lot if someone who has this dress could provide me the maximum measeurements of both OP and JSK, so I am able to choose what's better to buy.

Time ago I found a picture of a very tall girl wearing the JSK version, but I'm not able to find it anymore ;___; I'd appreciate from you a little help for the final decision, buy it or not, since I'd prefer to know before if this dress will be too short for me ._.

Thank you <3
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