maiko_star (maiko_star) wrote in egl,

Reporting a scalper; make sure you have the right person...

Hello all lovely ladies. As usual, I'm really sorry if this post is inappropriate, but since it concerns EGL_comm_sales, I thought this could go here.

Today I received this email : 

Dear Maiko Star
Some of our customers informed us that you're selling our products in very expensive price
through Live Journal.
Our staff in San Francisco store know about it as well.
If you purchase our products to resale, we' ll refuse to deal with you after this because we
wish to sell our products to good customers.
Thank you for your understanding.

Well, this is not my LJ account, so I'm not worried for now, but I still freaked out when I saw that! 

The first reason why I am posting this, is to tell the person who did this; I think that if you have a problem with the price someone is selling their items, you should tell them by a comment, an PM or an email if it's available. This isn't grade school playground where when someone upsets you, you just go run to the principal. We're supposed to be adults with communication capacities.

The second reason why I am posting this, is I don't understand how could someone think I am Idgal ? I actually replied lower in that post to buy the socks she was selling and very creatively... my email is MaikoStar, just like my livejournal ... So at least if you want to hurt someone, get your facts right before you hurt someone else badly. Being called a bad costumer by your favorite store is NEVER really nice even if it was a mistake. =(

Lastely, I would very hope to the person who did this to come foward and appologize

As a side note, I agree that the price she is selling her VR dress is ridiculous... but VR was probably the most popular print of 2009 and if she wants to do that... it's her right and as you can notice, she still havn't sold it. I had the ivory skirt who unfortunatly was really thight on me and I was scared the zipper would blow up (those tiny hidden zipper tend to do that...). I sold my skirt for a reasonnable price and it sold in 10 minutes when I posted it, but of course VR being what it is, I sold it for the exact price I paid for unlike most of the items I sell.
It is the sad thing about ordering through internet : you never really know if it'll fit you. Thankfully we have the community in case we pay 2-300$ for something that doesn't fit... we have options. By doing something sneaky and mean like this, you are harming this community and shortening our options.

Once again, I'm sorry if this is too close to a rent have this place here.
I thought it was important to the community.
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