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Bodyline Dress Inquiry! @A@

I hope I spelled inquiry right...>.> Anyway! Its my first time buying something from Bodyline, so I was wondering if there really trustworthy! The prices are so low compared to BTSSB and AP that Im a bit skeptical. I have been looking through many posts and they look alright...but opinions would be nice.
Also, does anyone own these Bodyline JSK('s)? :
Or something like it? I wanted to see how they looked and the quality..
And another thing!(I know I ask too many questions) I dont quite understand the sizes in bodyline,they usually sell them in a standard size right? I'm 5'2, and unproportionate lol. I have a bust around 33-36(I cant remember) and a waist about 27'. :o Do they come in different sizes? Or do they only come in the sizes that they show on the side? Im so confused. Please help. x.x
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