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Dress repair help ; _ ;~resolved...ish~

I had recently taken one of my jumperskirts to the dry cleaner . I had decided to try a dry cleaner located closer to home after some reassurance from fellow lolitas in the area. Everything was fine in the beginning until my jumperskirt was ready for pick up ...

the jumper skirt before i had dropped it off

and the jumper skirt after picking it up from the dry cleaner

After returning to the car and getting ready to head home I noticed a part of the left shoulder strap bow was missing ; _ ; I took the dress back to the dry cleaner to see if they could find the missing piece but they simply said that nothing could be done because the dress was sent to another location to be cleaned. I'm sure I'm just overreacting to the situation but the one thing that really got me all hot and bothered is that they didnt tell me that the bow had been damaged.

So now I have a little project on my hands and was wondering if anyone knows the type of ribbon that Baby used to create these bows? Also, if anyone has any other ideas if I can't find this exact ribbon.

♥Thank you♥


After hearing what all of you had to say, I went back to the dry cleaner and had a talk with the manager. I had brought a picture of the jumperskirt before i had dropped it off to be cleaned just in case they wouldn't believe me. We came to an agreement that i would receive a refund, be compensated for the damage to my jumperskirt and was given vouchers for free cleaning. Too bad I wont be using there service again though D:<

Thank you for all your help and giving me that push to go make things right ~♥

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