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Your recommendations for an A-line petti coat off-brand petti

Hello girls, sorry if this is a repeat topic at all. I searched but didn't really find a whole lot answer wise for my question.

I am on the hunt, for a not too expensive, more than likely not brand, but not too cheap a-line petti coat, as most of my skirts are a-lined. I have a Kirakirajenjen petti that I asked about flattening a little a while ago, and I have decided against doing so, and just buying a decent a-line petti. I was recommended to bodyline, but it would seem I would need two of their petties to hold up some of my heavery skirts, and I would just much rather have one a-line petti that can work for the lighter and heavy skirts. I am doing my research before I buy or post a wtb on the sales as well.

So what do you recommend for a a-line petti coat?

I've been looking at the following too, so if you have any feedback on any of them, please let me know!
ITS Princess Petti
English Charms Classic Petti

Also if you do happen to know any brando pettis for a reasonable price (to me) ($40-$45 or less) could you direct me toward them?

Thanks in advance!
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