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Bodyline review... again

I have just received my bodyline order (an hour ago), and thought I should share it with you all~
I ordered on Oct31, the night/day when they had some new stuff on their site. Upon receiving my package, I got taxed, and had to pay $15.33. So to me, it wasn't free shipping at all, using DHL. Seems like I get taxed a lot even if I half or quarter declare it... -3-

What I had ordered are:
G1266, G1023, L004, shoes170, Nail030, Nail016, Nail014

I don't really wear fake nails, but I just couldn't resist getting some cute nails. They came it these clear boxes, unlike those flimsy ones I have.

As for the pair of shoes,
it just came in with just the tissue wrapped around it.

I always wanted a pair in the brown, and the other style that they had were sold out. So I was super happy that I was able to buy these instead. ^o^ I really love that wavy edge~

The down side to these shoes, was there was a scuff and an unknown dot. It's not huge or anything, but just knowing that it's there just bugs me a bit.

And onto the skirts:

I was surprised it had some specs of gold shimmer on the pattern itself.

As for this one, I never expected that the polka dots were purple. They looked a lot more greyish to me on the site. And the heart has more of the brownish tone, than matching the purple on the skirt.

I can't complain about the cutsew, the hearts upfront are opened like pockets, so that was something I wasn't expecting, but really happy about.

My rating for this purchase:
Shipping: Fast arrival, but had to pay COD.
Packing: Wished they shipped my shoes in a box.
Items: Can't complain much. Had quite a few surprises.
Communications: Didn't need any, and they do send out an email when the items were shipped and stuff..
Overall: I'll give it 3.75 out of 5.

EDIT: Shoes Being worn,
Front View

Back View

Side View

and the sole.

The bottom of the heel is different from the other shoes that I brought from bodyline.. They feel more like plastic than rubber -if this makes any sense-

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