miss_yumiko (miss_yumiko) wrote in egl,

Bodyline shoe help =(

(sorry if i lack any T's, my laptop keyboard is acting weird, and doesnt like T's)

So i bought myself a new pair of shoes from bodyline, and i was barely wearing them for 10 minues,when i noice a weird bump on the oe area!

Its like the part of he shoe that wasnt ouching my toes is sagging!
i have been currenly been keeping the stuffing in them to keep it from getting any worse.

How do i fix his? why does his even happen, and how can i prevent i from further harming any of my other shoes in the near fuure?

Note: this has happened on my hear buckle replicas as well.

Pics o show you:

bump on the righ shoe (it is worse now, hat was when i ried it on once and then ook picures)

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