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Baby the stars shine bright ordering trouble


No, its not what it seems. They arent scamming yet, but it feels like that.

On friday the 30th at 17.00 japanese time I reserved the new Castle of Nightmare skirt in red.
I got an automatic mail saying I ordered that one for about 17 000 in red you know what it said.
But than I got my second one! And they charged me for the jumperskirt in red, for 30.000![which I cant even pay up at the moment xD And I dont like that one at all]. So I mailed them the same day and didnt get an reply untill today. They just ignored all what I said! and just rudely pasted the invoice of 30.000 Yen again!!! I mailed them back for a final one, but If they dont change it, and I wont pay up, will I get blacklisted???

first mail I sent:
[Im not native in English so that makes it even harder!]

Dear sana,


Friday I reserved a skirt from the site. It was the skirt in the red color way called “The castle of nightmare”

First of all I got a mail saying I reserved the red skirt ect, everything was fine. Untill I got a mail from you asking me to send the money to you. But, when I checked the mail, it said I had ordered the jumperskirt of 26040 yen!

I would like to get a new invoice for the right amount of money, and for the red skirt like I reserved in the first place and cancel the one from the jumperskirt.


Kind regards,

After not getting a reply I send another mail to them.

Dear baby the stars shine bright,


A few days ago I send you a mail about some trouble with my order. I got an invoice for a wrong dress I didn’t order. But I haven’t heard anything from you. I really don’t want to be black listed, so I would love to solve this problem with the order.


Please see details here:


and they just answered with the wrong invoice!! Nothing has changed now..

3th mail I send...
Dear baby the stars shine bright.



I feel really sorry, but I haven’t reserved a Jumperskirt…  

I reserved the skirt. I really don’t want the jumperskirt at all, im only looking to reserve the skirt. Like I did, but some mistake happened at your side and you got it as Jumperskirt, but it should be an skirt. Would you please change that in your invoice? I cant pay up 300 USD for a Dress I didn’t even reserve. I just want the red skirt.


Kind regards,

Im totally hopeless now.
What can I do??

How I solved the problem:
First of all, make sure you make screens and all of the mails they send you, and your invoice, reservation or what so ever.
Send them a polite mail saying there has been made an mistake and tell them clearly what is wrong, and how you want to solve it. Also include all the screens and proof of everything. In my case, they just ignored it, and I send another mail, I made them clear I really didnt want the wrong Jsk, just the skirt I reserved, but remember, dont bug them and be polite! After that mail I got another invoice for the right skirt. I hope this might work for you too if you come in the same situation!


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