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Yet another Bodyline review...

 I couldn't resist taking advantage of Mr. Yan's bizarre rage and free shipping. I bought a pink jsk and a floral skirt last week, which both arrived very quickly. 
 The bags, haha. Here's what the skirt, which is item g1075 and only $19, looks like:  
Pardon my un-loli Ramones tee, haha. The skirt fits quite nicely. The half-elastic waist stretches pretty good but I still wouldn't try to wear it if my waist was over 30 inches or so. The bow on front has two loops of black plastic beads and is detachable, as are the waist ties in back. The lace is very nice cotton lace!     
(Close-up of lace)
I would give the skirt a 5 out of 5. It was way nicer than I expected for the price. I believe it is a replica of an Innocent World skirt featured as a craft project in one of the English G&L Bibles if I'm not mistaken. Anyway, onto the jsk, which is item L031 and $37...  
 Close-up of bodice. The lace is nice cotton everywhere on the dress. I was shocked.  
(Close-up of lace)
 Here is me wearing it:
 It's a little short-waisted on me and could probably use a poofier petti. Idk. It still fits pretty well though and it's very pretty!
 It has shirring and corset lacing in back as well as waist ties. I also received a large bow, meant to wear on the dress I'm guessing, though I might just stick it on a headband. 
 So, overall I rate the dress a 5/5 also. This entire order I rate a 5/5. I have nothing to complain about (Except the Bodyline label was put backwards on the inside of the skirt, lol!). I definetly recommend these items for the price.  Thanks for reading, have a great evening, and feel free to ask any questions in case you might want to order these things for yourself. :)

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