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illegal,immoral,impossible, just my style.

kitty prints and fakes


This is my first post to this comm and I have two small queries. As you can tell from my username and icon I'm a cat person and I was wondering if there are recent  and not super rare cat themed prints, I read through the comm memories and google and I  could only find a Meta print from last year that is probablyy out of stock, discontinued  etc'm also plus sized with a huge bust so this complicates my search 

 I also have a question about nonbrands, I currently own one  EGL  style dress thats black and red lace, It doesnt have a label  and is definitely not  EGL brand  and I found it for like $100 in a random vintage clothing shop in Saratoga NY, It's not very fancy but  its pretty  and not over the top and it has fit my fatty-chan body like magic for years. I hope to one day buy a real EGL brand dress but i was wondering if  others in the comm have look alikes and wannabe lolita stuff and how you make them look a bit more in style.  I cant take a picture right now but if your interested  I could upload one later for a better look so you can see what I'm working with. (I have worn this dress to cons before and have not been shunned yet  btw ,lol)

Thank you all very much, I hope to become involved in EGL fashion soon.
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