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Another Bodyline review...

I couldn't resist buying some things with Bodyline's sale and free shipping promotion going on last month. I've never ordered anything from them before and have heard mixed reviews on quality, but since it was cheap, I decided to take a chance. Enough reviews have been posted about their communication, packaging, and shipping, so without further ado...

Here's everything laid out on my bed after opening:

First item: Blouse G1161
I suppose this would technically be a cutsew rather than a blouse. It is a stretchy knit rather than woven material. The lace is just okay, but I think it was a good deal for the money. The sleeves are removable, as is the front bow, so it seems like it will be fairly versatile.
Here it is tucked into a high-waited bustle skirt from Retroscope:

And here it is untucked and from the back. You can see my bra strap showing through a little, which gives an idea of the weight of the material:

Second item: Blouse G1089
This is also made out of a knit material rather than being woven. The lace on this is also just okay, but I am pleased overall. It fits me very well and (in my opinion) looks very nice when worn. :) I like this one better than the white blouse, but that may just be my love of black things showing through, haha!
Here it is worn:

Skirt: Innocent World
Socks: Bodyline
Everything else offbrand

Third item: Dress G1180
I was very pleasantly surprised by this dress. Although it is unlined, the construction seems well put together, and it did not seem to be see-through despite being all white. The lace all seems to be very good quality - feels like all cotton. The front bow is detachable, as are the waist ties in the back. It has a zipper down the side for ease of dressing, and I didn't feel like I was going to break the zipper if I pulled too hard.
Here is a detail of the lace:

And here are two pictures of the dress worn:

(Sorry for the wrinkles, we had just been to a Halloween party and I had been sitting down a bit.)

I have a 33" bust and 25" waist, and the fit on all of the items was very good. I replaced the satin ribbon on the blouses and dress with grosgrain (although I think a few of the pics were taken before I did that). I also ordered some socks that are shown in the pics of the other items, and some bloomers and a white petti. The petti was a bit of a disappointment, but I wasn't expecting much for the price, and it worked well worn over my standard black petti so the black didn't show through with the white dress. I was very happy with the socks and bloomers, although the socks might be a bit tight on someone with larger calves (mine are pretty skinny).

Overall: 4/5
Communication: 5/5
Packaging/shipping: 5/5
Quality: 4/5 for the dress and the black blouse, 3/5 for the white blouse
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